European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA

The European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA is an initiative of the European Festivals Association that offers emerging artists a platform to develop their careers on an international level through festivals.

The third call of EFFEA for festivals to support emerging artists is open from 15 January to 19 March 2024. Approximately 50 residencies will be selected, involving 50 emerging artists in the seat of 50 leading festivals in collaboration with festivals from other countries. The implementation period for the residencies will be between 1 June 2024 and 31 May 2025.

Apply now to EFFEA Call #3

What is EFFEA?

Festivals act as fertile ground for tapping into and expanding talents. They are spaces of exchange between artists and the public, facilitate connections among artists themselves and with other professionals. Festivals are alchemists of innovation, curators of risk-taking endeavours, both guardians and intermediary springboards for artists across artistic disciplines. The European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association, is a system built to empower festivals and offer emerging artists a platform to establish themselves on the international stage. EFFEA extends an open invitation for festivals to work across borders and create a network of colleagues with shared goals. It recognises that the future lies in the synergy of diverse perspectives and collective efforts. Through EFFEA, festivals join hands to foster the success of emerging artists. EFFEA is the next step in a movement of festivals in Europe that recognise themselves and commit to working together at a European level. It builds on the preparatory action called EFFE: Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe.

Main Objectives

  • To offer emerging artists more opportunities to present their work and develop their career on an international level
  • To offer cooperation opportunities for festivals to work across borders on the topic of emerging artists
  • To offer audiences new and surprising encounters with emerging artists in their towns and cities through the platforms of their festivals

Who will benefit from this Fund?

How? Network and collaboration between Festivals; new programmes and new artists for Festivals; financial support to promote the artists at a European level.

Emerging Artists who are proposed by the festivals
How? Research; network (of programmers and local artists in different countries); residencies/ workshops/ masterclasses; European visibility; capacity building; presentation in different festivals in different countries.

How? Access to new talents and artists; access to new arts and repertoire; access to diverse and interdisciplinary works.


  1. EFFEA Call #3: Apply now!

    EFFEA Call #3: Apply now!

    The third call for festivals to support emerging artists is open. Submit your residency proposal until 19 March

  2. EFFEA Call#3 Sessions

    EFFEA Call#3 Sessions

    Info Sessions, Q&A and networking opportunities to prepare yourself ahead for Call #3

  3. EFFEA Story: Mátyás Marofka

    EFFEA Story: Mátyás Marofka

    Residency of Mátyás Marofka, presented by Bramat Festival in partnership with Winterwerft Festival & Istanbul Fringe...

  4. EFFEA Call #1: Outtake Seminar

    EFFEA Call #1: Outtake Seminar

    As the implementation period for EFFEA Call#1 residencies draws to a close, the artistic community involved in the first generation of...

  5. EFFEA Call#3: Pre-annoucement

    EFFEA Call#3: Pre-annoucement

    Call for festivals to support emerging artists

  6. EFFEA Story: Travesti Biológica

    EFFEA Story: Travesti Biológica

    Residency of Mavi Veloso, presented by FLAM - Festival for Live Art Amsterdam in partnership with BUZZCUT Festival & IPAF - Intern...

  7. EFFEA Story: Imaginaria Animation Residency

    EFFEA Story: Imaginaria Animation Residency

    Residency of Mariana Guerreiro Ferreira, presented by Imaginaria - International Animated Film Festival in partnership with Kaboom Ani...

  8. EFFEA Story: Bridging the sounds of the East and West

    EFFEA Story: Bridging the sounds of the East and West

    Residency of People of the Wind, presented by Windcraft Music Fest in partnership with Window onto the World Festival & Balkan Tra...

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