• What do we mean by emerging artists?

    In this fund, emerging artists are not defined in terms of age, but rather by their novelty to programmers and festival audiences, their potential to ‘break through’ internationally and to impact the artistic field in their discipline(s): a chance such artists did not have before.

    By artists, we mean: individual artists or companies of any size and artistic genre.

  • Which festivals can apply?

    All festivals working in one or more of the following artistic disciplines: Architecture, Ballet Contemporary Dance, Circus, Design/ Applied arts, Digital arts, Film, Folklore and folk arts, Heritage, Interdisciplinary, Literature, Music, Opera, Street Art, Theatre, Photography/ Video, Sculpture, Painting. The festivals exist for at least one edition and have their official address in one of the eligible countries. (See more details in the Call)

    Leading festivals are free to collaborate with all art festivals even if they are not yet registered on FestivalFinder.eu. The festivals can register on FestivalFinder.eu before submitting their applications.

  • Are festivals from the same country allowed to apply for one residency together?

    Each of the 2 partner festivals must be registered in a country other than the leading festival. Additional partner festivals (if more than 2) can be of any eligible country.

  • Is it necessary to pay for EFA membership in order to apply for EFFEA?

    Being an EFA member is not a requirement to apply for EFFEA.

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  • What is the timeline for EFFEA Call#2?

    Publication of the EFFEA Call#2: 13 April 2023

    Start online application: 13 April 2023

    Info session and network moment: 14 April 2023

    Application deadline: 19 June 2023

    Results announcement: August 2023

    Publication of the selected emerging artists and festivals (EFFEA projects) on the EFFEA platform: September 2023

    Implementation period: September 2023 – August 2024

  • Can the residencies continue after August 2024?

    The start and end date of the residency must fall within the grant period. This means that the start date of the residency must be 1 September 2023 at the earliest and the end date of the residence must be no later than 31 August 2024. The applicants are free to start earlier or end later as long as the costs related to the extension are not included in the budget submitted to EFFEA.





  • Problem with login?

    The 2 platforms FestivalFinder.eu and EFFEA are not linked at this moment. Your login on FestivalFinder.eu can not be used for EFFEA.

    - On FestivalFinder.eu you already have an account or you create an account when creating for the first time your festival edition.
    - On EFFEA you apply with the application form - the account is automatically created when you apply.