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  1. EFFEA Call #3: Results

    EFFEA Call #3: Results

    The results of Call #3 are now out: 57 residencies will be supported by the third round of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Ar...

  2. EFFEA Story: Katharine Dain

    EFFEA Story: Katharine Dain

    Residency of Katharine Dain, presented by Wonderfeel in partnership with Istanbul Music Festival & Huddersfield Contemporary Music...

  3. EFFEA Story: Pol Guasch

    EFFEA Story: Pol Guasch

    Residency of Pol Guasch, presented by Fabula ‒ Literature of the World festival in partnership with Festival europske kratke prič...

  4. EFFEA Call #3: Thank you!

    EFFEA Call #3: Thank you!

    Thank you for applying to the third call of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists -

  5. EFFEA Call #3: How to apply

    EFFEA Call #3: How to apply

    Last 2 weeks to apply! Check the Call #3 criteria and prepare your application

  6. EFFEA Call #3: Apply now!

    EFFEA Call #3: Apply now!

    The third call for festivals to support emerging artists is open. Submit your residency proposal until 19 March

  7. EFFEA Call#3 Sessions

    EFFEA Call#3 Sessions

    Info Sessions, Q&A and networking opportunities to prepare yourself ahead for Call #3

  8. EFFEA Story: Mátyás Marofka

    EFFEA Story: Mátyás Marofka

    Residency of Mátyás Marofka, presented by Bramat Festival in partnership with Winterwerft Festival & Istanbul Fringe...

  9. EFFEA Call #1: Outtake Seminar

    EFFEA Call #1: Outtake Seminar

    As the implementation period for EFFEA Call#1 residencies draws to a close, the artistic community involved in the first generation of...

  10. EFFEA Call#3: Pre-annoucement

    EFFEA Call#3: Pre-annoucement

    Call for festivals to support emerging artists