Residency of ErosAntEros, presented by POLIS Teatro Festival in partnership with FIAT - Festival of International Alternative Theatre & MOT - International Theatre Festival

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The project GAIA – a climate performance that evolves in relation to the places it meets - finished its first stage in Ravenna. From April to June – until the debut of GAIA at Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna – ErosAntEros led two woskshops with local citizens, students and activists sensitive to the topic of climate emergency. The company shared the creative process of the production and involved the participants on stage during the debut of the performance on June 10th-11th, in the programme of Ravenna Festival and POLIS Teatro Festival.

As part of the debut a panel was also organised with the title Festivals and green: sustainability in cultural events as well as live performances with FIAT – Festival of International Alternative Theatre of Podgorica, Kiril Mechalov / MOT – International Theatre Festival of Skopje, Franco Masotti / Ravenna Festival, Marta Lovato / Santarcangelo Festival, Agata Tomšič and Davide Sacco / ErosAntEros, Emanuela Medeghini / Centro Europe Direct della Romagna, curated by Giulia Alonzo / Trovafestival and Oliviero Ponte di Pino / Ateatro.

The round table explored the relationship between cultural events, environment and sustainability. The afternoon of dialogue was open to operators, artists and spectators to compare cross-sectional viewpoints and make synergic proposals. The panel was also streamed on ErosAntEros – POLIS Teatro Festival channels - and is available online.

The panel was also a great opportunity to meet and hold a dialogue with the partners of the project: FIAT – Festival of International Alternative Theatre of Podgorica and MOT – International Theatre Festival of Skopje. Now GAIA is ready to meet these new places, to evolve in new forms and to continue to raise awareness on climate change through theatre. The next steps of the project are near: in September GAIA will be at FIAT and in November it will be at MOT.

by ErosAntEros - POLIS Teatro Festival
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