EFFEA Call #2: Intake Seminar

The European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA Intake Seminar was held on Tuesday, 12 September. The full-day event aimed at fostering connections between festivals and artists selected as part of EFFEA Call#2. The seminar served as a space for networking and collaboration.

EFFEA Call#2 Intake

The day started with a warm welcome from Jan Briers, EFA President, Haris Pašović, EFFEA chair of the jury, Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary General, and Donika Rudi Berishaj, EFFEA Project Coordinator, to more than 100 participants. Haris Pašović then set the inspirational tone for the seminar: “I wish you courage, endurance, belief in what you do in your talent, and ability to overcome any hurdle in your way. Even when you come to a difficult moment, it is not only you, many times it is not you, but the world. Don’t be overcritical because the world is not welcoming. But there are people like EFA that are welcoming. Europe does need your inspiration.”

Before delving into introductions between EFFEA festivals and artists, Efruz Çakırkaya, Artistic Director of Istanbul Music Festival – Turkey, and Tom Creed, Opera and Theatre Director – Ireland, elaborated on the power and importance of emerging artists in the European scene. As Efruz Çakırkaya concluded: You are the representatives of this era, you are remarkable. We have to rethink how to represent new musicians. It is a challenge for both sides, but what you’re doing is so wonderful. The young artists are creating such wonderful projects.”

The conversation was followed by two sets of presentations from EFFEA festivals and artists under their wings, providing attendees with an opportunity to get to know who is around the table, see the faces behind the names and discover more details about them.

An open discussion between the EFFEA Jury members took place in the afternoon. Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Choreographer and dancer – Burkina Faso, Efruz Çakırkaya, Artistic Director of Istanbul Music Festival – Turkey, Tom Creed, Opera and Theatre Director – Ireland, Hugo Bergs, Artistic Coordinator of C-TAKT – Belgium and Tamar Brüggemann, Co-director at Wonderfeel Festival – The Netherlands, explored topics such as the various forms of artistic residencies, their importance, establishing connections between festivals and artists, ensuring diversity in the jury process, and more.

Some words to keep in mind by Hugo Bergs and Tom Creed: The best way to collaborate is with partners who have the same common ground/ interest. This is essential.” “Artists not only emerge once, artists are always emerging (from a small stage to a bigger one, from the national level to the international one, etc.).”

Colm Croffy, moderator of the session, concluded the presentations with the following words: This project is about place-making, opportunity, equality, community, empowering, the ability to empower others… Celebrating the differences. It has been a very humbling morning and afternoon. You are all going to sail in your different projects.”