EFFEA Story: Pol Guasch

Residency of Pol Guasch, presented by Fabula ‒ Literature of the World festival in partnership with Festival europske kratke priče, KROKODIL & Footnote Festival

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Fabula Hub - Balkan Literary Odyssey is a unique residency programme dedicated to supporting new writers and promoting intercultural dialogue. The participation of Pol Guasch, a young Catalan poet and writer, began with significant achievements and extensive activities in three countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. This story describes Guasch's activities during the residency, highlighting his engagement with local communities, literary presentations and educational workshops.

Slovenia: Fabula Festival: Festival Initiatives

Guasch's residency began in Slovenia, where his book was published in Slovenian in the festival's book collection, making his literary work more accessible to Slovenian-speaking audiences. At the Fabula Festival, Guasch led workshops with young literature and art students, sharing his insights and encouraging their creative expression, while also taking part in bibliotherapy workshops for at-risk readers in partnership with the NovelEU project. His keynote speech on the opening night of the festival was enthusiastically received, giving participants an in-depth insight into his literary career and works. His work was also echoed in the activities of the festival's accompanying programme. Sound recordings from his book were presented in the interactive sound installation Voices of Fabula. In co-operation with the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, students took the literary template of his novel and translated it into the medium of film. And in co-operation with Ljubljana City Theatre, his book was also disseminated through readings by established theatre actors. These activities not only showcased Guasch's talent, but also raised his profile in the international literary community.

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Croatia: Readings and meetings in Zagreb

After his participation in Slovenia, Guasch travelled to Croatia, where he was presented at two readings organised by the Footnote Festival in Zagreb. There he also met several young Croatian authors and had meetings with publishers. These events provided a platform for literary exchange and discussion, allowing Guasch to connect with the Croatian literary community and share his work with new audiences. The readings were well received as they fostered an environment of cultural exchange and dialogue.

Serbia: Workshops and Meetings in Belgrade

In Belgrade, Guasch took part in a series of workshops and meetings with local publishers, further expanding his network and opportunities for collaboration in the Balkan region. A highlight was his participation in a reading at Krokodil, where he presented his work and stimulated discussion on literary issues and practices. These activities not only contributed to Guasch's professional development, but also promoted intercultural understanding and literary co-operation.

Networking and promotional activities

Guasch actively participated in networking and promotional activities during his stay, visiting three partner festivals and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in the literary community. The aim of these efforts was to promote his work and build lasting relationships that would support his career and contribute to literary exchange in the region.

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Digital engagement and documentation

Alongside his physical engagement, Guasch maintained a writing blog on his Substrack, documenting his experiences and reflections during the residency. This digital engagement provided insights into his journey, making it accessible to a wider audience and raising the profile of the residency programme. A film documenting his residency is also in the works and aims to capture the essence of his experience and the impact of the Fabula Hub - Balkan Literary Odyssey programme.

In conclusion, Pol Guasch's participation in the Fabula Hub - Balkan Literary Odyssey residency programme has been marked by a series of successful collaborations in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Through workshops, readings and networking activities, Guasch made an important contribution to promoting literary exchange and strengthening intercultural dialogue in the Balkan region. The residency programme not only supported the development of Guasch's career, but was also in line with the objectives of promoting emerging authors, fostering co-operation and increasing the visibility of the participants in the international literary community.

by Pol Guasch