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Residency of Flutes & Frets Duo

presented by AMUZ - Flanders Festival Antwerp
Participating countries:
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Heritage
  • Music


  • From 01-09-2023 to 09-12-2023


Kammenstraat 81
BE 2000 Antwerp Open location

Project summary

AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp) will provide several sessions for the Flutes & Frets Duo with with early music specialist and performer Peter Van Heyghen to rethink their concert programmes. They have been invited to Antwerp for a three day live coaching period in October 2023 with Peter. AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp) will organise a meeting between the artists andprimary school children to introduce them playfully to the variety of their historical instruments. This coaching period will result in three concerts by Flutes & Frets Duo (in Antwerp, York, and Krakow) presenting their programme in different settings and for different audiences. When attending the partner festivals the artists will encounter the local programmers to add to their feedback and networking.

Participating festivals

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