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Residency of Andrey Palval

hosted by Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival
Participating countries:
  • Bulgaria
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Street Arts
  • Visual Arts
© Gabe McGuinness


  • From 10-04-2023 to 22-08-2023
Generation #1



Project summary

A. Palval (Andrey Palval), a Ukrainian street artist, will be in residence at Waterford Walls (Ireland) this year in partnership with Borgo Universo (Italy) and Hit The North Festival organised by Seedhead Arts (UK). The collaboration will see A. Palval design a Street Art Triptych (SAT) in three different locations in Ireland, Italy and the UK. Each piece will have a common theme that interlaces through the three murals. A. Palval has a strong interest in biodiversity and the environment which will be reflected in his work.
© Gabe McGuinness


Andrey Palval

Biography: Andrey Palval is a Ukrainian street artist, born in 1983, who documents the reality of war in Europe and how it has devastated his home country of Ukraine. In the early 2000s, Andrey Palval, an artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine, began to draw graffiti. Later, as he developed, he became interested in muralism and the search for more complex forms of self-expression. Today he pays great attention to photorealistic images of birds. The author of a number of works in Ukraine. Also, his work can be seen in countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, among distant and exotic countries such as Pakistan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Ukraine, he was also a technical director and artist with the creative group «Kailas-V», operating since 2002, specialising in street art projects and services related to their implementation, decoration, graffiti design and various performances.

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