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Residency of Mavi Veloso

presented by FLAM - Festival for Live Art Amsterdam
Participating countries:
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music


  • From 01-02-2023 to 01-08-2023
Generation #1


Netherlands Open location

Project summary

Spanning elements of pop, contemporary R&B, hip hop, trap, electropop, synth pop, dance, tecno-brega and reggaeton, Travesti Biológica is a transgenre electronic pop album that celebrates the beauty of trans and non-binary bodies: the struggles, resilience and empowerment, created by Mavi Veloso. This proposal is to undertake a residency in Amsterdam to develop this album into a performative, live concert format in partnership with FLAM Festival (Festival of Live Art Amsterdam). Following this, Mavi will deliver a workshop in Amsterdam & go on to present at BUZZCUT Festival (Glasgow) & IPAF Festival (Warehouse 9, Copenhagen); two Festivals which create international pathways & platforms for early career LGBTQIA+ working in experimental performance & performance art.


Mavi Veloso

Biography: Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Transdisciplinary by passion, she integrates her experience as a performer, visual artist, dancer, actress, singer and music producer in powerful stage performances combining pop with different styles such as R&B, trap, hip hop, synthpop, dance pop and Brazilian rhythms such as tecnobrega, Brazilian funk and others.

Mavi is a chameleon and likes to do trannycrafts, confusing, questioning, delighting and enlightening our minds while we dance. She began her music experiences from a young age, starting with poetry. Over time, she composed first lyrics, taking music making as a parallel activity to her career as performance and visual artist. In the past years Mavi has been diving on her own musical creation, songwriting and producing her own tracks, resulting in the Travesti Biológica, her debut album released in January 2022.

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