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Residency of Guillaumit

presented by Festival Maintenant / Electroni[k]
Participating countries:
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • Digital Arts
  • Visual Arts


  • From 01-02-2023 to 16-12-2023
Generation #1


France Open location

Project summary

Maintenant Festival (Rennes - FR), Lev Festival (Gijon - ES) and KIKK Festival (Namur - BE) are joining forces to support the new creation of the artist Guillaumit: an interactive transmedia experience, which will take the form of a monumental exhibition in the public space, associated with a digital and fun online experience, dedicated to the theme of air pollution. The exhibition will consist of a graphic triptych, linked to a dedicated digital application, which will allow you to discover air quality in real time thanks to open data and experience 3 mini-video games in augmented reality. A playful and engaging entry to raise public awareness of the factors and issues relating to air pollution.
© Guillaumit



Biography: Visual artist, illustrator and director of animated films, Guillaumit is a versatile and curious jack-of-all-trades, who likes to combine disciplines and technologies. He began his career with the duo Gangpol & Mit, a project mixing electronic music and animated film that will perform on many stages around the world. For several years, Guillaumit has divided his time between work in a graphic research workshop at the Pola factory (Bordeaux - France), book publishing and artistic interventions. Recently, he has just finalized the animated series Globozone for Arte. He also creates large frescoes painted in situ on the walls and on the ground, or even interactive frescoes in augmented reality such as Eau Vive and Livelyyy also presented in the public space in partnership with numerous events, in France and abroad.

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