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Residency of Antonin Pauquet

presented by Détours de Babel
Participating countries:
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Music


  • From 06-02-2023 to 19-03-2023


Rue Bayard 17
FR 38 000 Grenoble Open location

Project summary

Itération des Ondes (Wave iteration) is part of the programme Les Chantiers, dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. The festival Détours de Babel organises a call for musical projects, which gives young artist opportunities to complete their first creative projects in a professional setting. Following a selection process by a jury of professionals, several projects are supported and presented to the public during the festival. They are very diverse, some of them present strong potential for a development on a European level. Such as Itération des Ondes, that combines jazz, traditional and experimental music in a very vivid way, using repetitive musical items and sounds waves that evoke trance and jubilation. It gathers young talented musicians who need a first professional step.


Antonin Pauquet


After arriving in Paris in 2016, Antonin Pauquet obtained his DNSPM in jazz and improvised music at the Pôle SUp'93, having trained for three years with inspiring musicians such as Vincent Ségal, Julien Loureau, Magik Malik, Bojan Z and Francois Jeanneau. At the same time, he succeeded in entering the same establishment in classical double bass. Alternately studio musician (Pierre Alliot), sideman (Abajade, La Bachule, Ayinsk), and project leader (Parpaing), he moves fluidly from one role to another, from one aesthetic to another. Passionate about transmission in various forms, he also leads a career as a young pedagogue, at the Clichy Conservatory, as well as within the DEMOS orchestra of the Paris Philharmonic. The desire to experiment with new forms of teaching led him to create one of the first traditional music workshops in the Paris region. He has been playing since January 2021 on a Suitbass "SB21" built by the Charton workshop. His project Itération des Ondes is a challenging new repertory at the confluence of jazz, traditional and experimental music. A travel between aesthetics borders focused on repetitive items, heady melodies that evoke dance, trance and fantasy. With this atypical instrumental formation, the sounds are multifaceted, organic. The sound waves sail from the clarinet to the double bass, the viola responds to the cello and the flute, without constraints. The improvisation provokes dizzying impulses, and a sound material emerges, dense, free..

Art disciplines:
  • Music

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