Residencies Detail

Residency of Slagwerk Den Haag

hosted by STROOM
Participating countries:
  • Belgium
  • Hungary
  • The Netherlands
  • Applied Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Music


  • From 20-06-2023 to 30-07-2023
Generation #1



Project summary

Slagwerk Den Haag consider themselves ‘sound researchers’. They add value to things considered waste, by transforming the objects from being ‘noisy’ to ‘having their own sound’. That transition is generated by the artists in the mind of the audience. Their motto is: give trash a voice and leave an awareness footprint. For this project United in Waste Slagwerk Den Haag will work with local audiences, with waste available on site, and each of the performances will therefore result in a different, unique experience. It will challenge both their musical and social improvisational ability. The project gives Slagwerk Den Haag the chance to explore and discuss how we deal with 'sound' in different contexts.
© Alex Schröder


Slagwerk Den Haag

Biography: We aim to amaze and enrich' Slagwerk Den Haag is fascinated by everything concerned with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. We are podium artists and highly versatile creators and co-creators. As performers, we play in every setting imaginable, on our traditional arsenal of instruments, and on porcelain, equine jaws, glass or 3D-printed instruments. We work alongside trendsetting artists and makers. Our projects reflect the very latest developments and we do everything in our power to help in the quest for the undiscovered.
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