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Residency of Kateryna Lukianenko

presented by Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure Arrivano dal Mare!
Participating countries:
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine
  • Theatre


  • From 01-03-2023 to 30-09-2023
Generation #1


Italy Open location

Project summary

“The Sixth Sense”, by the young researcher and director Kateryna Lukianenko, explores the sensory theatre format to develop inclusive performances in which everything can be understood by both sighted and blind viewers, adults and children. The performances invite people to use all their five senses to discover a “sixth sense” able to make people equal as spectators despite disabilities. The idea of the project here proposed is to extend this Ukrainian experience to other countries, involving local artists and scholars in the development of an inclusive performance through the tools and methodologies already experimented with by Lukianenko. Three different workshops will lead to three different performances, in three different contexts.


Kateryna Lukianenko

Biography: Kateryna Lukianenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1996. She studied at Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko – Kary University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, achieving a bachelor's degree as a Puppet Theatre Director, a Master's and a Ph.D. of Arts in Art of Puppet Theatre. She teaches "skills of a puppet theatre actor" and "work with stage components in a performance" at Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television. She worked as a playwright and director for the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre. She is author and director of the project “The Sixth Sense'', studying the needs of blind and partially sighted viewers, which led to the show “Who grows in the park”. Her articles were published in the Scientific specialist publication Visnyk KNUKiM, and within the Interuniversity collection of scientific works of young scientists of Drohobytsk State University, "Actual issues of humanitarian sciences".
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