Residencies Detail

Residency of Ivar Roban Križić

hosted by Music Biennale Zagreb
Participating countries:
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Music
  • Spoken Word
  • Visual Arts


  • From 13-04-2023 to 29-07-2023
Generation #1



Project summary

The project “Performing Reflection” involves the intersection of two disciplines: free improvisation and philosophy. The ensemble consists of instrumental and electro-acoustic improvisers and an improvising philosopher. Through the collaboration between musical and philosophical improvisation, the project wishes to, on one hand, explore the various cognitive states in which performers find themselves during improv and, on the other, create a performance framework that allows both the musical and the reflexive element of improvisational practice to coexist in the same context. The performance ultimately intertwines philosophical statements with an electro-acoustic soundscape in an attempt to elicit reflections on improvisation both from the performers and the audience.


Ivar Roban Križić

Biography: Ivar Roban Krizic (*1990, Zagreb, Croatia) studied Double Bass at the Jazz Department in Graz and is currently pursuing an Artistic Research Doctorate at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with research into the epistemology of free improvisation. His artistic practice involves a wide variety of international projects ranging from contemporary jazz to experimental music and free improvisation. He was awarded the Croatian Music Union prize for best double bassist, won the Boris Papandopulo National Competition for Young Musicians, and has received numerous work grants from both the Croatian and Austrian Ministries of Culture. As an artistic researcher, Ivar has presented his findings at the AR@K Symposium in Oslo, isaScience 2022 in Reichenau, and the 11. FORIM Tagung in Linz. His research deals with the notions of flow, reflection, and musical cognition. Through his research he wishes to explore the various cognitive states in which performers find themselves in during improvisation and, on the other, create performative frameworks which allow both the musical and reflective aspects to coexist in the same context.
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