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Residency of Yana Reutova

presented by Tanec Praha
Participating countries:
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Dance


  • From 01-02-2023 to 31-12-2023


Husitská 899
CZ 13000 Praha 3 Open location

Project summary

Yana Reutova fled from the war with her daughter and students to Prague. There she met other dance students from Lviv and Krivij Rig. Thanks to Tanec Praha she started to work with them on the first part of a planned triptych, Together Alone: now they are here, one by one/everyone for themselves and yet together. Together Alone. She intends to continue developing this topic with performers from the Czech Republic (2nd part / Open Air) as Invisible Traces inspired by fingerprints, unique and not repeatable, like the cycle of life. The 3rd part, Crossed Destinies, with African dancer Ladji Kone is again about unexpected encounters. Alone, surrounded, disconnected, to what or rather to whom? So close but so far...


Yana Reutova


Yana Reutova, (password to vimeo: TanecUA) Education: Kyiv National Institute of Culture, Dpt of Modern Dance. 2008 - 2014 participant in the ballet of Aya Perfilieva, Beit Grand Theater, Odesa Since 2014 - choreographer - director of the Dance Theater "Plastilin". Teacher of contemporary dance, improvisation. Participated in the production of Olga Labovkina "The Body as a Text", a laboratory, the end of which was shown a performance in Minsk. Under the guidance of Olga, they created a solo performance, “I know how I look”, which was presented at the evening of choreography in Minsk. Participated in the laboratory under the direction of the Israeli choreographer Eldad Ben Sasson, which ended with a dance performance, which was presented (on the stage of the Young Theatre in Kyiv) as part of the festival Zelenka Fest. Participated in the Open Look laboratory, under the direction of French choreographers Jerome Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud, whose performance was presented on the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Participated in a performance led by Olga Tsvetkova. Participant in the competition of young choreographers Zelenka Fest 06 (Kyiv) Participant in the IFMS 30 festival (Vitebsk, Belarus) Participant in the festival of modern choreography "Dance we choose" Ukraine – Sweden. Organizer of the festivals in "Dance platform Most", the evening of modern choreography "Crossroads", odessathe project "Creative kids", the festival "Speaking with the Body", in Odesa.

Art disciplines:
  • Dance
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