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Residency of Hélène LEVEAU et Léo MANIPOUD – Maison Courbe

presented by Festival dos Canais
Participating countries:
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Dance
  • Fantasy
  • Street Arts
  • Theatre


  • From 01-02-2023 to 15-12-2023


Praça da República Apartado 244
PT 3810-156 Aveiro Open location

Project summary

The artistic playground residency "Shiftshapers” will apply a diversity of creative toolkits to entering cities' public spaces and exploring their limitless dimensions. It will be include research, improvisation and experimentation as an approach to how previously defined ideas and places are able to adapt in diverse environments - diverting the use of balconies, lampposts, urban furniture and above all, renewing the view ofhow places are modeled by the habit of their use. The artist collective Maison Courbe aims to re-enchant spaces with their outdoor work "Obake" in Portugal (Festival dos Canais), France (Viva Cité) and Sweden (Malmö Sommarscen), by exploring the potential for the idea and integrating the living beings (plants) that inhabit them,and the history that forges them.


Hélène LEVEAU et Léo MANIPOUD – Maison Courbe


Hélène LEVEAU discovered the circus at a very young age and began her training at the circus school of Châtellerault in handstands. Later on she studies in Quebec Circus Art school where she discovered soft rope, as well as, becomes a vaulter in Icarian games. Hélène is co-founder of the collective À Sens Unique, Sarthoise company in which will give birth to several shows including Léger démélé (outdoor) and Mule (indoor) that toured successfully in France and Europe. As the years passed, she became more active in projects on a human scale, seeking the proximity to the public by investing in new crossroads through clowning, waterfall burlesque, yoga, and boxing. Léo MANIPOUD born in a mountain village in love with grass and fresh air. Léo moves in rolling and in the direction of the slope. He meets fortunately capoeira to channel this strangeness. He then hops to formation professional at Piste d’Azur and at the Academy Fratellini to hop really well. There he learns how to make his weaknesses to show, moving away from the spectacular circus to mix dance, acrobatics, urban climbing, texts and contortions to support his words. His thinking words are about questioning our relationship to nature, to normality, to genders... Currently, he is working in the show Fractales of the Cie Libertivore and co-created the collective Maison Courbe. He is also part of the acrobatic collective "The Shlags”. Maison Courbe is a collective structure created in January 2021.

Art disciplines:
  • Dance
  • Fantasy
  • Street Arts

Participating festivals

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