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Residency of Ana Pi

presented by Malta Festival Poznań
Participating countries:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Dance
  • Street Arts
  • Visual Arts


  • From 01-03-2023 to 30-11-2023
Generation #1


Poland Open location

Project summary

The common activity of Ana Pi – Brazilian-French choreographic and imagery artist at Malta Festival Poznań, Santarcangelo Festival and Spielart is the presentation of her Divine Cypher preceded by workshops with local dancers. In her work (either performative, researching or educational) Ana Pi centralises questions around Blackness, urban politics, representation and decolonial practices. Divine Cypher is focused on the contemporary transformation of the Haiti tradition and convinced from an anthropological, historical and urban perspective of a body. It has been selected because of both its high level of artistic and educational quality, its combination of all kinds of Pi’s activities and its potential in building the relationship with the local community of all three festivals.
© Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria


Ana Pi

Biography: Ana Pi is choreographic and imagery artist, researcher of Afro-diasporic and urban dances, extemporary dancer and pedagogue. Her practice is woven through the act of travelling. Her work calls on displacement, belonging, superposition, memory, colors and ordinary gestures. She created NA MATA LAB in 2020. NoirBLUE is her first documentary and VÓS, her first video essay. THE DIVINE CYPHER, Fumaça, Meditation on Beauty, èscultura, O BΔNQUETE, COROA, NoirBLUE, DRW2 and Le Tour du Monde des Danses Urbaines en 10 villes are her pieces that articulate choreography, discourse and installation. CORPO FIRME; danças periféricas, gestos sagrados is the practice she has been sharing since 2010. She worked on Rádio Concha with Maria Fernanda Novo, on WOMEN PART 3 with Ghyslaine Gau & Annabel Guérédrat, on RACE with @Favelinhadance & Chassol... She has been artist associate for the Dancing Museum project, and won the grant for art in Latin America from MoMA & Cisneros Institute in 2020.

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