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Residency of Alexandros Zilos & Ioanna Lykou

presented by Little Islands Festival
Participating countries:
  • Allbania
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Film
  • Heritage
  • Storytelling


  • From 01-02-2023 to 31-12-2023
Generation #1


Greece Open location

Project summary

Departing from the Aegean Sea and the Little Islands Festival, the duo Ioanna Lykou and Alexandros Zilos experiment with the boundaries between interactive and observational documentary around the concept of "Homonarrans". Through ethnography, anthropology and contemporary audiovisual arts, they are interested in combining the "indirect" discourse of history with the "direct" discourse of memory in a narrative space where archetypal forms of myths, symbols and representations acquire new cultural meanings in time and place. In this process, "Homonarrans" emerges as a timeless and necessary figure for the socialisation of real or imagined experiences that reflect human destiny in its fragility and immortality. Partners in this project will be Foca Film days and Travel Fest Albania.
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Alexandros Zilos & Ioanna Lykou

Biography: Ioanna Lykou is a theater educator, director and curator,holding an MA in Intercultural Theatre (University of Exeter UK). Alexandros Zilos is a professional photographer,videographer and video editor. Approaching creatively his BA in Conservation Biology (Plymouth University UK)
Their artistic research and practice as a duo approach the ethnography and anthropology fields through audiovisual arts,seeking to unravel stories,myths,symbols,images,representations that are transmuted in the social fabric in ways that reflect and redefine the dynamics of cultural meanings. Re-collections of Sikinos (2022),a short documentary about stories and memories of the small cycladic island’s community, is their first film.
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