Residencies Detail

Residency of Tamer Wajda

presented by Cserje Feszt
Participating countries:
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Applied Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Music


  • From 01-02-2023 to 31-12-2023


Kupeczky 8
HU H-1025 Budapest Open location

Project summary

The focus of this collaborative art project is isolation and mental health in the atomised era of a digital society; how dealing with anxiety and disorders became a common phenomenon as a consequence. To gain awareness of these psychological states, evoking them through movement and visionary soundscapes, is what makes the performance unique.Designing and building a custom-made wireless electronic glove instrument with motion tracking sensors will be the core of the project.The main idea is to connect music with bodily states and movement, to create a space where sound emerges from motion. I try to seek paths of interaction with artists from other disciplines - contemporary dancers and visual artists, who can join in the augmented cross-sensory space of motion and the physicality of sounds


Tamer Wajda

Biography: I am a composer, performer, interdisciplinary artist fascinated with psychology, vulnerability, art brut, sonic possibilities of surrealism and ephemeral experiences. I embrace improvisation and the power and awareness of present encounters, when performing in company. Collaborative work is a defining experience for me, having connected with a wide variety of artists from other artistic fields. I have created cooperative artworks and performances with poets, dancers visual and sound artists, and written music for intermedia installations, animated and live-action films, contemporary dance pieces. The interdisciplinary approach is also an important aspect of my solo work, for example when I create interactive sound/light installations for movement, but my music is also intrinsically linked to this vision. These compositions are inspired by the tools of non-musical art disciplines too, creating narrative dramaturgy, using gestures and expressionistic visions, that emerge from surreal/subliminal layers of sonic experience.

Art disciplines:
  • Applied Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Music
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