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Residency of Stefan Schleupner

presented by Begehungen
Participating countries:
  • Czechia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts


  • From 01-06-2023 to 31-08-2023
Generation #1


Germany Open location

Project summary

The BEGEHUNGEN art festival has been taking place in Chemnitz since 2003 - as the city's largest off-campus cultural event. Its trademark is an unconventional and low-threshold approach to art. For this reason, the BEGEHUNGEN are not just a temporary art exhibition, they are a social meeting place for people of the most diverse backgrounds. An extensive festival programme consisting of performances, readings and concerts is also an essential component. Every year the festival takes place at a new location: urban micro-areas of Chemnitz, a former prison, an old school and abandoned industrial buildings. In 2022 and 2023, BEGEHUNGEN will take place in small towns in the Chemnitz region. This year the festival takes place in a 170-year-old Schloss Palais, which is now a vacant museum.
© Stefan Schleupner


Stefan Schleupner

Biography: Stefan Scheupner has a diploma in fine arts (HFBK Dresden, Germany) and is since 2020 Meisterschüler of fine arts ( post-graduate) (HFBK Dresden, Germany)
Artist statement:
In my artistic practice, I research the relationships and connections between image, space and sound and their perception for the
viewer. I work with natural phenomena and events that we are surrounded by every day, such as air movement,
Sound, magnetism or light - the building blocks for our environment. Many of these phenomena and their interaction elude our conscious perception. These phenomena in a sensual
Translating into a comprehensible image determines the essence of my artistic work. My practice is characterized by misappropriation, using functional objects and using them for other functions or link the functions to new chains of causality. This approach allows me to fnd the unexpected and imperceptible
to make phenomena understandable. My intention of this examination lies in a strong inner curiosity.

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