Residencies Detail

Residency of Simone Tetrault

presented by Teatro in Quota
Participating countries:
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • Theatre


  • From 01-02-2023 to 30-09-2023
Generation #1


Rocca di Mezzo (AQ)
Italy Open location

Project summary

‘Unsettled’ is a participatory performance project centred on human migration patterns and identity. It explores the process of uprooting to settle somewhere new and the notion of feeling unsettled by unfamiliar people, places, customs and traditions. The project will take place in Rocca di Mezzo, London, Kyiv and the Canary Islands, where transience and migration are urgent social issues. ‘Unsettled’ will explore how identities are constructed and transformed by movement. The residency brings together four international theatre festivals to support the development of artist Simone Tetrault. The leading festival partner is Teatro in Quota (Italy) and the supporting festival partners are Volta Festival (UK), Lacuna Festivals (Spain) and GogolFest (Ukraine).


Simone Tetrault

Biography: Simone Tetrault is a writer, director, and performing artist who tells stories about power, responsibility, and resilience. Drawing equally from postmodern dance-theatre influences and her classical ballet roots, movement is often at the center of her experimental performances and films. Through the interplay of metaphysics, poetic expression, and scientific fascinations, Simone’s work seeks to build bridges and ultimately explores what lies at the core of human existence in performances filled with gravity, humor, stage magic, and love. Her work has been presented at NYC’s Abrons Arts Center, Access Theatre, and THEATERLAB, in Los Angeles at Griffith Observatory, Japanese American National Museum, Zephyr Theatre, and DURDENANDRAY. Simone’s 2020 dance short Letters to the Universe was presented at Lacuna Festivals in Spain, and her 2021 project New Encounters was supported by the European Commission’s i-Portunus mobility fund, the Volta Festival, and Goethe Institute of London.
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