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Residency of Ban Lei

presented by Eye's Walk Digital Festival
Participating countries:
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Digital Arts


  • From 19-07-2023 to 30-07-2023
Generation #1


Ermoupolis Syros
Greece Open location

Project summary

“Ermoupolis: Psychogeographic Guide”* In this new artistic production of the Eye’s Walk Digital Festival, we invite the residents of Syros and international artists to co-create the psychogeographic map of Ermoupolis. The project challenges participants not to obey existing opinions and common stories about Ermoupolis, but to slip away and with confidence listen to their own feelings and play with the city’s atmospheres. Part of the artistic production will be the design of a sound journey, which the festival visitors will be able to listen to while walking along the seaside promenade of Ermoupolis.. *The artistic production “Ermoupolis: Psychogeographic guide” pays tribute to Guy Debord and the community of Letterist International in Paris.


Ban Lei

Biography: <p>Ban Lei was born in Shanghai, China in 1990. He is a sound artist based in Geneva, Switzerland.His research focuses on the internal logic of sound when it takes on a nonlinguistic form. His works achieve a certain level of balance through experimentation with the materials themselves, as well as through methodological additions and deletions. The instruments he creates appear and stand as sculptural ensembles and create a tacit understanding between the author and the viewer through performance and interaction. His forms of work include interactive installations, sound sculptures, self-made instruments and experimental music.</p>

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