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Residency of Art Vouveau

presented by A Festival in Samothrace (ΕΝΑ ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ ΣΤΗ ΣΑΜΟΘΡΑΚΗ)
Participating countries:
  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Greece
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre


  • From 20-04-2023 to 09-10-2023


GR 15235 VRILISSIA Open location

Project summary

FLOATING is the new performance of Art Vouveau’s theatre group. It is an original silent work that will result from a collaboration among “A Festival in Samothrace” (Greece), “Buffer Fringe Festival” (Cyprus) and “M.I.M. Festival” (France). The performance is inspired by true stories of people who live in secluded arias. Art Vouveau will work on the issues of rural life, loneliness, nature and climate risks. FLOATING will be constructed of performing material composed purely during the festival’s three residency programs. As a result, stories of people from three different countries who experience isolation will interconnect and find their way into the final silent performance.


Art Vouveau


Art Vouveau is a theatre group based in Athens. It was founded in 2013 by Thanasis Megalopoulos, Phivos Symeonidis and Danai Tikou. The three founders-actors and friends, share the common vision of creating a theatrical dialect that transcends speech through physicality and can move the audience in the most unexpected ways. The group’s artistic work springs from a fusion of references such as silent movies, physical and mask theatre, German expressionism, Commedia dell’arte, film noir, contemporary dance, literature and multimedia. Another distinctive feature of Art Vouveau’s performances is live music, which sets the rhythm for their physicality on stage. Since their beginning, they have developed teaching methods related to their work, addressed to various ages and backgrounds. They consider their workshops as an integral part of their research.

Art disciplines:
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre

Participating festivals

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