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Residency of Twisted Lane Productions

presented by Cairde Sligo Arts Festival
Participating countries:
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Street Arts
  • Theatre


  • From 01-02-2023 to 06-08-2023
Generation #1


Ireland Open location

Project summary

Aoife and Mark Carry of Twisted Lane Productions will be in residence at Cairde Sligo Arts Festival in collaboration with Passage Festival (DK) and Oerol Festival (NL). Associate Irish partners are Promenade and ISACS. During this residency, Aoife and Mark will work on Les Lumières, an immersive experience set in a mature forest where the audience is invited behind the scenes of an imagined fairytale circus. They will become autonomous voyeurs to the lives of the circus performers before being led into the Chapiteau de Lumière (big top created with lights) for the actual performance. Having experienced the humanity behind the scenes, will the show feel more personal? Will the forest forever hold the memory of the circus that performed under the stars?
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Twisted Lane Productions

Biography: Twisted Lane Productions is an Irish based Spectacle Theatre company founded by Aoife and Mark Carry in 2021. Twisted Lane aim to excite, intrigue and astonish audiences with the highest quality, one of a kind spectacle experiences. Aoife and Mark have been working Internationally on large scale circus and spectacle shows since 2014 and have worked with companies such as Franco Dragone, Cirque Du Soleil and MGM. They are excited to bring this extensive experience in large scale spectacle into their own work and to the Irish audience.

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