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Residency of Matea Bilosnić

presented by Perforations Festival
Participating countries:
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Dance
  • Storytelling
  • Theatre


  • From 01-03-2023 to 30-10-2023
Generation #1


Croatia Open location

Project summary

The project supports the development of a new dance performance by Matea Bilosnić, during her residency work at the Perforations festival (HRV), in collaboration with the international festival Mladi Levi (SVN) and Sola Festival (SRB). The artistic work deals with the performative and choreographic potential of digital communication technologies, with a focus on the phenomenon of information overload and the infinity of interpretation. It aims to design an environment where virtual information is transcended through movement, body, voice, and text; one that reimagines the heroic position that a person could embody in the modern world.
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Matea Bilosnić

Biography: Matea Bilosnić (Zadar, Croatia) is a choreographer, dancer, performer and a multimedia artist. She began her dance education in the Zadar Dance Ensemble in Croatia, with which she continues to collaborate as a choreographer, performer, videographer and organizer to this day. She worked as a performer in the dance company En Knap Group, Slovenia (2017-2019) where she collaborated with Joseph Nadj, Kathleen Fischer (Trisha Brown dance company), Guy Nader & Maria Campos. With Zadar Dance Ensemble, she created Gozd-danse macabre (2019), for which she received the award of the Croatian Theater Gild in the category of best choreography in 2020. The same year, she created the solo performance Klown, for which she created music, choreography, and text. Her latest work Melusine is currently on tour. In addition to theater and dance, she is interested in music and video production

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