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Residency of Sławek Krawczynski & Anna Godowska - The Rites of Dreams

hosted by Gdansk Shakespeare Festival
Participating countries:
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Theatre


  • From 22-07-2023 to 02-08-2023
Generation #1




Sławek Krawczynski & Anna Godowska - The Rites of Dreams

Biography: Sławek Krawczyński - theatre director, researcher - and Anna Godowska – choreographer, dancer and reseacher - have been working together since 1999 and created Bretoncaffe Theatre one of the lleading dance theaters in Poland. At the heart of their artistic and philosophical interests is the unconscious dimension of existence and society, the “inner human's kingdom” that transcends into consciousness through dreams. For over a dozen years they developed a unique artistic method inspired by Carl Gustav Jung's analytical psychology and Arnold Mindell's process-oriented psychology. Since 2013 as joint artistic directors they have been leading The Rite of Dreams, a multidisciplinary project dedicated to their method and different practices with dreams and unconscious within art and education. The artists' output includes over twenty performances. Many of these performances won numerous and prestigious awards at dance festivals in Poland. Two spectacles inspired by W. Shakespeare twice won the 1st prize at the ShakespeareOff Festival in Gdańsk - in 2019. ("Hamlet. Sen"), and in 2022. ("How beautous mankind is!"). Anna Godowska and Sławek Krawczyński have been active and successful in the field of contemporary dance for several years. Now they tend to develop their work in the field of contemporary theatre.The development of their method within actor’s practice is now their main interest and goal for the years to come. They would like to present their work internationally.
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