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Residency of Pam Rabbit

hosted by United Islands of Prague
Participating countries:
  • Bulgaria
  • Czechia
  • Sweden
  • Music


  • From 01-09-2023 to 31-05-2024
Generation #2



Project summary

Our project focuses on the acceleration of up-and-coming artist Pam Rabbit. As part of the project, he has the opportunity to collaborate with music experts, especially Carmen Rizzo, on his music creation. At the same time, he gets the opportunity to perform as part of the Doupě Fresh programme, where year-round we present discoveries that have the potential to become stars in the future and break through on the international music scene. In addition to working with Carmen, he receives feedback from our foreign festival partners and important advice on how to perform in front of foreign and domestic producers. We also present Pam Rabbit as part of a workshop to our foreign partner festivals. We are also preparing follow-up projects like exchange concerts with festival partners.


Pam Rabbit

Biography: Hello! I'm Pam.

My origin is Armenian, but I was born and live in Prague.

Humor is a big part of my coping mechanism, so I choose to look at situations from a funny angle with sarcasm and laugh at them. The main reason why I write songs is because I want to show people what's going on in my head and find people who feel the same way. I want all the people who feel like weirdos or just have trouble understanding the world to know that they are welcome here in my little world that I am creating. We can sing, cry, facepalm and laugh together, but most of all we can feel accepted.
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