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Residency of Blaž Pavlica (SI) and María Florencia Alonso (Flor de Fuego (DE)

hosted by PIKSEL festival for kunst og fri teknologi
Participating countries:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Slovenia
  • Digital Arts
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
© Piksel


  • From 01-09-2023 to 30-11-2023
Generation #2



Project summary

IDLE is an innovative art project that blends virtual and physical spaces, creating a digitally enhanced art venue. At the core is the Virtual Gallery, where guest artists and audiences alike can engage with lights, videos, and sound equipment, giving rise to diverse atmospheres and captivating performances within the space in Bergen. Through interaction with virtual interfaces, inputs are transformed by an Internet of Things system, resulting in tangible changes to the physical environment. The integration of abstract, experimental, and collaborative instruments, grant access to and facilitating the development of groundbreaking artistic experiences remotely. IDLE is a virtual meeting point for individuals with reduced mobility, enabling artful interaction with the physical world.
© Flor de Fuego y Blaz Pavlika


Blaž Pavlica (SI) and María Florencia Alonso (Flor de Fuego (DE)

Biography: Blaž Pavlica is an audio-visual artist and programmer. He is interested in generative music and visuals in different contexts, from analog video feedback loops and real time 3D rendering to live coding and spatial audio. In the last years he has been focused on live coding visuals with Hydra language and live coding improvised electronic dance music with SuperCollider.

Florencia Alonso (Flor de Fuego) it’s a digital-craft artist based in Germany. She works with programming and live coding in order to create performative experiences. Her research rounds concepts like the body, space, code and chaos. She has taken part in MUTEK Montreal/Spain/Argentina, Node Forum Digital Arts, Die Digitale Düsseldorf, ICFP Ljubljana, Digital Art Zürich.

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