EFFEA Call #3: How to apply

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Last 2 weeks to apply! Check the Call #3 criteria and prepare your application

how to apply

There are two weeks left until the EFFEA Call #3 deadline, the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists call for festivals to support emerging artists. Join forces with fellow festival colleagues to support the development of the international careers of emerging artists.

To dive deeper into the call details, eligibility criteria, and grant categories, explore the how to apply and Frequently Asked Questions sections. Visit our YouTube channel to listen to an info session and download the PowerPoint presentation here

Get ready to present your residency proposal by following this checklist:

✅ Decide the emerging artist your partnership will support

✅ Choose the category you will apply for: Discovery or Springboard
  • EFFEA Discovery - Festivals (leading festival + minimum 1 partner, each from different eligible countries) take an early career artist(s) with exceptional talent and ready to breakthrough internationally under their wings. Approximately 40 grants of 8.000€ will be attributed to this category.
  • EFFEA Springboard - Festivals (leading festival + minimum 2 partners, each from different eligible countries) take a mid-career artist(s) established in their own country and ready to develop their career internationally under their wings. Approximately 10 grants of 15.000€ will be attributed to this category.
✅ Team up. Reach out to potential partners
  • Facebook Community: connect with fellow artists and festival organisers. Feel free to share your own posts and insights.
  • FestivalFinder.eu: online search tool with hundreds of festivals that you can search based on discipline, country, dates, and more. FestivalFinder.eu helps you to discover other festivals that align with your work. 
✅ Develop your residency structure and goals

Apply now

The call document and essential templates can be found on the application page.

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For more information: Donika Rudi Berishaj, EFFEA Coordinator: donika@efa-aef.eu and Luana Santos, Communication and Administration Assistant: luana@efa-aef.eu